Source code for django_otp.plugins.otp_static.models

from base64 import b32encode
from os import urandom

from django.conf import settings
from django.db import models

from django_otp.models import Device, ThrottlingMixin, TimestampMixin

[docs] class StaticDevice(TimestampMixin, ThrottlingMixin, Device): """ A static :class:`~django_otp.models.Device` simply consists of random tokens shared by the database and the user. These are frequently used as emergency tokens in case a user's normal device is lost or unavailable. They can be consumed in any order; each token will be removed from the database as soon as it is used. This model has no fields of its own, but serves as a container for :class:`StaticToken` objects. .. attribute:: token_set The RelatedManager for our tokens. """
[docs] def get_throttle_factor(self): return getattr(settings, 'OTP_STATIC_THROTTLE_FACTOR', 1)
[docs] def verify_token(self, token): verify_allowed, _ = self.verify_is_allowed() if verify_allowed: match = self.token_set.filter(token=token).first() if match is not None: match.delete() self.throttle_reset(commit=False) self.set_last_used_timestamp(commit=False) else: self.throttle_increment() else: match = None return match is not None
[docs] class StaticToken(models.Model): """ A single token belonging to a :class:`StaticDevice`. .. attribute:: device *ForeignKey*: A foreign key to :class:`StaticDevice`. .. attribute:: token *CharField*: A random string up to 16 characters. """ device = models.ForeignKey( StaticDevice, related_name='token_set', on_delete=models.CASCADE ) token = models.CharField(max_length=16, db_index=True)
[docs] @staticmethod def random_token(): """ Returns a new random string that can be used as a static token. :rtype: bytes """ return b32encode(urandom(5)).decode('utf-8').lower()